Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Peek Inside a Honey Harvest

In this post on Bee House Hives, you can see the process one woman uses to harvest her honey.

It's a sticky business.

Especially when young children are involved!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Honey Stand in Pine, Arizona

In a previous post, I talked about stopping whenever we travel to get local honey. The good news is that Sarah uploaded her photos today, so I can now share the photos she took for me at The Honey Stand in the small town of Pine, AZ.

The bad news is that the business card on which I wrote down the name of the gentleman pictured got left in the rental car (along with several other souvenirs such as a book for Colston). My memory says Russell but that's highly unlikely. So, friends at The Honey Stand, feel free to tell me!

Mr. Honey Stand was friendly and shared the history of this old gas-station-turned-roadside shop. The original honey salesman would set up only in the summer, and outside. Now the shop operates year-round, indoors, and is well-stocked with all kinds of honey, granola, candy, snacks, jams, jellies, etc. for travelers. He carried a wide variety of flavors of honey stix, and the favorite flavor of those tasting turned out to be amaretto.
Arizona beekeepers are fortunate to have an outlet for their wares -- The Honey Stand owners are not beekeepers, simply shopkeepers with a passion for sharing the sweet stuff with passers-by. They have an online store on their Web site, so if you know someone who'd like some dark wild pecan honey, mesquite, desert clover, or even more exotic varieties, give The Honey Stand your business.

At least until Prairie Blossom Bee Farm has some to sell. ;-)