Sunday, May 6, 2012

Honey snobs and fine dining establishments.

We recently celebrated the birthday of DeLois, Mark's mom, by traveling to Meridian and eating at the famous Weidmann's Restaurant, established in 1870. DeLois is a big fan of Prairie Blossom Bee Farm honey, so we bottled some of our new harvest and brought it with us.

Happy Birthday, DeLois! See the honey bottle, already being emptied?!
Without shame we asked for extra bread, and used our own honey on it. (Don't worry, we'll see her again in 2 weeks and will refill her bottle!)

I realized that we were like those people I used to see in California, those winemaker types who would bring their own wine to restaurants because their wine was better than anyone else's.

Look out, world, we've become honey snobs.

For those of you who wonder, on occasion, what we look like without bee suits on, here we are!

To my left is half of the charming Fred, who is half of the charming Fred and Olga, longtime friends of DeLois.