Monday, August 13, 2012

Honey Bon Bons?

The W hotel in Minneapolis, MN has beehives atop its lounge, and the harvested honey is turned into bon bons for their guests. The news story is here.

I've never been to MN, but I'd love to go and taste those bon bons. Or apparently I can order them online, $7 for three from Mademoiselle Miel. Which would likely be a lot more economical.

Given that my last bottle of gummy vitamins arrived melted into a giant vitamin glob, ordering these chocolates will have to wait until it cools off in MS.

Aaaaand she also has salted honey bon bons. Le sigh.

People may think honey is perfect as it is, but what can't be made better with chocolate?!?

Photo from Mademoiselle Miel's blog.