Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Surprises and Turning 40

Remember this necklace?

Remember this birthday post?

My dear friend Jana, the giver of good gifts, sent me *the bee necklace* in gorgeous sterling silver. I never imagined I'd see it in person, much less have one of my very own. Keri Lewis, wearing a fancy NYC designer's numbered jewelry. Look out, world, here I come! I was so surprised!

Not only that, she sent a sweet blue and white bee-embellished creamer, and a tea infuser with a bee charm. She has a gift for finding the perfect gift.

She made turning 40 less traumatic.

As did my sister Kellie, who put together an amazing scrapbook filled with notes from friends and photos that made me want to cut my hair.

As did Mark & Sarah, who bought me an assortment of tasty treats and helpful tools from The Choppin' Blok (yeah, they really spell it that way), a fancy cooking shop in Ridgeland, MS.

As did my friend Angela, who set up a surprise dinner party with several couples from church.

Angela, C. & his imaginary friends, Batman and Robin

As did my mother-in-law, who sent me flowers at work.

As did my friend Amelia, who made chocolate cake and icing *from scratch* and her daughter decorated it with the perfect amount of sprinkles.

And for a final birthday surprise, my parents are sending me and Mark to Florida for my college reunion, and we'll be driving right past the Dadant beekeeping supply store . . .it will be no surprise if we stop.