Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Haagen-Daz: Sweet on Bees

I love ice cream, and in the summer when the temps are soaring ice cream is all I want to eat.  Generally, I'm a Blue Bell Gold Label Homemade Vanilla purchaser because it satisfies everyone in the family.  But for the best strawberry ice cream ever, it's Haagen-Daz.

So, I saw on Sherri's Sweet Life a video post that I traced back to Help the Honey Bees, a site sponsored by Haagen-Daz.  The free screen saver has me longing for spring, and proceeds from t-shirt sales helps fund research. A variety of informational articles and inspirational projects, such as one boy's effort to get the Boy Scouts' beekeeping merit badge reinstated are also on the site. (For an update on his efforts, read this post by blogger Robo's World.)  There's information on planting a bee-friendly garden and current research going on at Penn State. If you like bees in theory more than in reality and you have some money to spend, you can get a silver, gold, or diamond-studded bee necklace from Alex Woo Jewelry.

Image from Alex Woo Jewelry. Too cute!  All you gazillionaires out there, feel free to buy me one!

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