Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nix on Six and Fermented Honey??

Mark went to check the Kemper County bees he was trying to relocate. This is the same colony that 1) had evidence of trying to make a queen and 2) generated the 3 quart jars+ of honey during my Friday night slog. When Mark checked his hive box, nary a bee was in sight. So, he's now 3 for4 on moving bees from their established location.

He called me at work to tell me he thinks the honey might be fermented. From the start, the wax and honey had a different smell, but he figured it might be what they had access to. I'm not sure how to tell if it's fermented or not (a sour taste is what I've read) but I'm not going to taste it to find out! If it is fermented it can still be fed back to the bees, which is what we'd intended to do with it anyway.

If we'd had to pitch it after my long labors in the kitchen, I would have been Highly Displeased.

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