Sunday, November 28, 2010

A New Travel Stop

Now that we're keeping bees, we stop somewhere to buy honey whenever we travel.

When we were in Nebraska, Mark spotted a sign advertising honey and apples. We drove a couple miles down a gravel road, and arrived at a place with an "open" sign but no one around.

No one except Harley, that is. Harley is a Newfoundland and one of the largest dogs *ever*. He met us, allowed us to pet him, and if he could have worked the cash register, would have sold us some honey and apples. Sadly for him, humans arrived to take care of business and advised him to stop slobbering on us. Though they aren't beekeepers, they have a plaque on their barn that indicates the farm has been in their family over one hundred years. They stock local honey, which was very thick compared to MS honey. The label reads: Boellstorff's Bees, RR1 Box 32, Johnson, NE 68378.

I had a picture of the jar of honey, but both the photo and the honey have disappeared. ;-) Who wants to see a picture of an empty bottle of honey? We also stopped at a co-op in Oklahoma (to use the restroom) and they had jars of local honey on the counter. Mark bought a jar of chunk honey and a bag of peanuts while I refrained from buying toys for Duke.

When Sarah can access her pictures of our recent trip to Arizona, I'll share our stop at a honey shop in Pine, AZ.

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