Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bee Hill in the Snow!

On Monday we were snowed in from work and school so we took an afternoon walk out to Bee Hill. It's hard to believe these pictures were taken in Mississippi!

 I was ready to get out to Bee Hill. It was eerily quiet after hearing them buzz all summer.  I try not to worry.
Above: Hives 1-4, the front view.

 Above: Hives 5-6, front/side view.

Many dead bees were floating in icy cold water in the rain cups on the stands Mark designed. They've likely been there awhile -- probably dead bodies pushed out of the hive, then they fell off or were blown into the cups. I tell myself this is normal, that the bees will experience a drastic reduction in number during the winter. 

Mark & Robert, who was home visiting from Luke AFB.  He can identify all of the birds and animals around and enjoys bees too.

Robert took this picture of me in my pre-MS hat and post-MS insulated overalls. Wish he'd also gotten a photo of my insulated boots so you could see that I'm well cared for and toasty warm. I hope the bees are too!  I've never been so anxious for warmer weather.  Even just one day in the 60s so I can see if the bees are okay . . .

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