Sunday, January 2, 2011

Country Woman Magazine Invites Contribution of Healthy Honey Recipes

In the December/January issue of Country Woman magazine (page 64), Food Editor Wendy Stenman issued a call for "Healthy recipes using honey." Recipes can be submitted through the CW Web site or through postal mail. Contributor's Guidelines give more specific information. If your recipe is published you should receive a complimentary copy of the magazine in which your contribution appears. If I had any honey to give away to inspire you to contribute, I would. But I hope you'll give it a try. I'm considering contributing one myself!

Here's a bit of technical trivia: recipes can't be copyrighted. A list of ingredients constitutes facts, not creative expression. Of course, there are ethical and etiquette issues to consider, and it's always advisable to say "adapted from," "based on," or "inspired by" if you haven't invented the recipe from your own culinary genius. You can read more about this copyright issue here and here.

If you have any recipes you want to share here, please post them in the comments!

Bee Healthy!

Image via Plant Teacher, which includes thorough explanations of honey, propolis, pollen, etc. I can't vouch for the rest of the Web site, however, so explore it with discretion (unless you're keen to learn about plant-based drug-related practices ranging from alternative medicine to well, you know.)

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