Friday, April 22, 2011

Bee Hill on Tuesday

In addition to driving all over, Mark went out to Bee Hill to check on a couple of hives. He was dismayed to see the vast swarm he'd added to Hive 4 covering the outside of the hive boxes. He called MSU Extension Service and talked to Audrey Berry, the new entomologist who said sometimes swarms don't like their new homes and will just swarm off.  He talked to Harry Fulton, who said if Mark would put a frame of brood in there from another hive, they'd stay to take care of the baby bees.  After watching them for a while, Mark decided they were probably just hot, and hadn't chewed through the newspaper to access the lower deep box.

Since the stormy weather and flooding, we haven't been able to get back there, so we don't know if they stayed or left.

Mark checked Hive 1, which we'd though was queenless after they'd swarmed.  He found a queen in the second box, but still no sign of eggs.  He thinks she may be new, so he's going to give her a few more days to start laying.

On Wednesday, Mark drove to Alabama to pick up more equipment (lids, oil trap bottom boards, and feeder boards) from Green Beehives.

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