Saturday, August 13, 2011

We Have a Winner!

The random number generated was 4, which means Angela Walters, you have won a one-pound jar of the next harvest of Prairie Blossom Bee Farm Honey!

I suggest you hide it from your husband. ;-)

Welcome to the new friends, and thanks to everyone for your comments and continued support.

Mark and I hope to drive to the Delta tomorrow afternoon. We may harvest, we may add boxes, it all depends on what we find and the weather.  I've not been there yet, so I'm excited to see the bees in action.

While we did see a few bees while we were in Alaska, we didn't see many honey bees.  So here is a photo of a lovely dahlia we found in Anchorage.  Don't you just love saying the word, "dahlia"? And "calendula." I have a thing for flowers . . .

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