Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Holidays!

If you have received Prairie Blossom Bee Farm honey this holiday season and are visiting the blog for the first time, welcome!

With the support of several business clients, Mark has bottled, shipped and/or delivered over 300 one-pound bottles of this year's first-ever Delta honey crop.

This super-sweet honey, made primarily from the nectar of cotton blossoms, has a tendency to crystallize faster than our wildflower honey. Exposure to lower temperatures also increases the rate of crystallization. But don't worry! Crystallization is a natural process.  Here is a brief article on the process.

If you don't like your honey in its crystallized state, we recommend warming it in hot water. Repeated warming and cooling can impact the color and taste of the honey. Microwaving, while the fastest method, super-heats the honey and diminishes its health benefits.

Our honey is a raw product -- we filter it only once, when it comes out of the extractor. We don't super-heat it, because heat kills the beneficial enzymes. Our goal is to bring you a pure, natural and delicious treat with its health-related benefits intact. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.  Wikipedia has a thorough article on honey, and details best temperatures under the section titled "Preservation."

For more information on the natural benefits of honey, visit the National Honey Board's website.

Our thanks to the Tatums at Loresco, Ronnie Jones Construction, the Brocks at Shelter Insurance, Johnny Wigley at Southern Landscaping, the DeLois Smith All-Star Team and everyone else giving the gift of honey this year. We appreciate you!


  1. Received my honey! What a sweet holiday :)

  2. Everyone loved the honey and honey soap gifts we gave this year.