Monday, March 24, 2014

Prescribed Burn in the Delta

In early March, our generous landowner/host for our hives in the Delta, had to do a prescribed burn. He sent me the photos below to prove the bees were safe. He's going to plant clover and sunflowers, so our bees should be very happy once everything blooms!

Thanks, Guy!


  1. Will that give the bees lung cancer?

  2. We can hope not, since we smoke them when we work them. ;-) You're a nut, Sister!

  3. I think my comment was taken by the gremlins. LOVE that you're leasing your land and bees. He's going to make your bees very happy and soon. We have a farm in NC. We don't have bees though. Would LOVE to. I also wanted to thank you for popping over at my blog this past week. *waves*