Friday, March 11, 2011

Back Saver Bee Hive Stands

Hive stands on the trailer.
Mark picked up 25 aluminum bee hive stands, his "Back Saver 1000" model. 

Features include:
  • all welded aluminum construction -- won't rust
  • extended platform holds hive cover and supers as you work (and keeps equipment off the ground)
  • rain cups to deter ants 
  • height raises equipment to comfortable working height
  • fits standard hive bodies and bottom boards
Mark designed these with the help of our friend Jody Reyer, a welder.  The initial prototypes were welded steel that was then galvanized.  The weight and cost made them impractical, and the rain cups were too low. Click here to see one of the prototypes. The first aluminum model was improved in weight, but still had the rain cups improperly placed.  Finally, the new version appears to have all of the elements Mark initially desired. 

Side view.
Top view.

He uses treated lumber to brace the ends.  He wants me to do a pictorial guide to assembling, as he figures most beekeepers will prefer to do the braces themselves rather than pay extra shipping for lumber and screws. But, knowing Mark, he'll do whatever the customer wants!

Hive stand in use during inspection.
If you're interested in purchasing a hive stand ($189 plus shipping), contact Mark at 662-418-4422.

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