Sunday, March 6, 2011

What's Blooming in Your Neck of the Woods?

Before I became a beekeeper, I didn't pay much attention to the details in nature, such as when flowers bloom.  I've always loved flowers, and used to plant them each spring with my mom (Hi Mom!).

This year, however, my eyes were hungry for the first signs that something, anything was blooming.  First came a tiny purple flower called Henbit, which I'm sad to say is called a weed.

Next, a tiny white flower.  Name unknown.
And a tiny pink and white flower.  Name also unknown.  Help me out, here, plant people!
But, by far my favorite, the glorious pear.  Pear trees this time of year look like giant snow ball puffs on sticks. I took this photo of someone else's pear tree.

 Our pear tree is much more the Charlie Brown variety.  But it's close to the bees who are delighted it's there.

Mark pulled down a branch so I could get a better shot of the delicate blossoms.  (He's wonderful and patient like that.)

Red bud trees are blooming in the edges of some woods.  Daffodils and other bulb flowers are springing up.  So what's blooming where you live?

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