Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is Beekeeping for You? An article and a giveaway!

Bees are fascinating. Honey is delicious. You understand the honey bee's importance to pollination.

But do you really want to become a beekeeper? 

Over at Natural Home magazine, they've got an excerpt from a new book, titled Homemade Living: Keeping Bees with Ashley English.  Part of Chapter 2 is available for you to read: "What to Consider: To Bee, or Not To Bee."  On closer inspection of Ashley's work, she's got three other books out, on the topics of raising chickens, canning, and making homemade dairy products. If you check her out soon she's giving away a copy, so visit her blog and leave a comment.

If you have questions about beginning beekeeping, feel free to ask.  I may not know the answer, but I can find out or point you in the right direction.  Getting started in MS?  There's still grant money through MBA if you want to start two hives.  Beekeeping classes are coming up all over the state, courtesy of the Extension Service (scroll down on this page for both the grant info. and the beekeeping short courses). 

We're having a ball, and encourage anyone to try it.  "Less work than a dog, but more work than a cat," is how one person phrased it. Bees will never come when you call them, but I'll take honey over dog breath and cat hair any day!


  1. If Rose were a dog I'd be worried, but she's really a princess in disguise.