Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Swarm Call!

On Monday, Mark caught a swarm in Brooksville.  He was able to back up his pickup underneath the peach tree they were in, spray them with sugar water (so they couldn't fly away), and gently scoop them into a hive box.

He set them up on the second set of steps in our car port. The boards on top were insurance against the big storm that blew through Monday night.  The weather didn't bother the bees, as they have steadily drained the bee tea jar daily.

This hive was intended to be BB2, but today Mark received a phone call from local beekeeper Birney Imes. He'd gotten a call about a swarm in Columbus and had all the bees he wanted. So Mark went to town, found he could once again back up to the swarm hanging in a white oak tree, and relocate them to a hive box. He drove it straight to the Barhams', moved the feeder from BB1 to the new hive, and came home.  Once he relocates this car port hive, the Barhams will have their limit of bees!

Thanks, Birney!

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