Sunday, September 25, 2011

We've got labels, yes we do!

We've got honey, how 'bout you?

Can you tell I've been to some high school football games lately?

We have labels for our honey jars and can now officially sell it.

Didn't the bees do a great job? It's so pretty!

New jars have deluxe no-drip lids and can be inverted so you never have to wait for your honey to flow down to the bottom.  I'll give you three guesses on which Lewis does not like to wait for his/her honey.

Like you need three guesses.

Large jars are three pounds and cost $15. Small jars are one pound and are $7.50.  Give Mark a call if you want to come by and pick it up, 662-418-4422. I'll bring in a box to work next week, and I'll be contacting those of you who are "on my list" to see if you're still interested. Or, feel free to leave a comment.


  1. what awesome labels! seriously!

    i will want one, and i know my brother is interested, so set a few in storage for me!