Monday, April 23, 2012

2 New Bee Yards

Mark and Robert left the house early to move bees to a bee yard they'd set up recently at the Tripletts' camp house. They did not bring home the cute puppy someone dumped off there, but they now have 3 hives on the five stands that are in place.

When they returned (by way of the Old Country Bakery), I was attempting to clear the raised beds and get them ready to plant. I'd taken the day off work to catch up after an incredibly busy weekend spent entertaining friends from south MS, and had two tomato plants from the MSU Horticulture Club plant sale that really needed to be planted. It was a beautiful, cool morning, so I figured I'd best get busy.

Robert figured out that his dad really wanted me to join them on their adventure to Prairie Wildlife and I wouldn't go until my job was done, so he grabbed a hoe and got busy whacking at the bermudagrass and weeds that Mark had toasted with glyphosate a couple weeks ago. In no, time, we had the beds cleared and my tomato plants in the ground.

Off we went to West Point, to install a dozen bee hive stands in partnership with the owners of Prairie Wildlife, which has about 1,200 acres of restored prairie that is blooming with native flowers and grasses. It's eye-popping pretty.

While Mark set the stands where he wanted them, Robert investigated the pond. Within moments, he was walking toward me with something in his hands . . .

. . . a young frog, with its tadpole-tail still showing a bit.

Later, he found blackberries.

We met Xavier, who made sure the bee stands were approved in the location Mark selected. Later, we met Doug, and some very friendly mules but by that point in the day my camera battery was dead.

After we set the stands, we went on a Bee Rescue mission, but that is another post, and not for the faint of heart -- neglected bees in the shade = wax moths, hive beetles, termites, and slime. :-(

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